Our Mission and Vision

The Chesapeake Bay Funders Network brings grantmakers together to learn, share and develop collaborative strategies impacting the social, political, and economic systems influencing the region's environment. Our vision is a restored and resilient Chesapeake Bay that is sustained by healthy, equitable and vibrant communities, and natural resources in the region.  

How do we accomplish this? By providing opportunities for grantmakers to:

  • Deepen their knowledge on science and policy and surface important needs and opportunities in the region

  • Coordinate grant-making around shared strategies

  • Provide leadership and convene stakeholders to advance solutions

  • Develop and fund collaborative strategies for scaled and deeper impact

How We Work

The Network upholds the following guiding principles in our work:

  • Foster cross-sector partnerships, civic engagement, and community leadership

  • Advocate for long-term, strategic investments

  • Include practitioners in the work to learn, analyze, and develop strategies for the region

  • Leverage and maximize resources for the region.

  • Promote diversity, equity, inclusion and justice throughout environmental grantmaking in the region.

  • Cultivate trust, transparency and accountability among the grantmaking community

Our History

Since 2004, the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network has implemented collaborative initiatives to:

  • Build the capacity of grassroots water-focused and community groups;

  • Assist farmers and advance policy reform to scale up implementation of sustainable farming practices; establish effective state and local stormwater programs;

  • Improve sharing and use of data through creation of the Chesapeake Commons;

  • And helped establish the Choose Clean Water Coalition, an organization dedicated to coordinating collaboration among the Chesapeake Bay nonprofit community.

More recently CBFN has served as a facilitator, incubator and partner in efforts within the grantmaking community to:

  • Share and coordinate around strategies to stem and adapt to climate change;

  • Imbed equity in environmental grantmaking;

  • Increase access to environmental education for all students;

  • And engage with farmers, and public and private sector leaders to increase soil health.

In 2009, the CBFN was awarded the Critical Impact Award by the Council on Foundations, a nonprofit association of more than 2,100 grantmaking foundations and corporations with a mission to expand, enhance, and sustain the ability to advance the common good.

The CBFN is sponsored by the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity offering full fiscal sponsorship services to the philanthropic community, including domestic and international grantmaking, grant and contract management, and execution of donor-developed projects. The New Venture Fund conducts public interest projects and provides professional insight and services to institutions and individuals seeking to foster change through strategic philanthropy. NVF helps donors and social entrepreneurs launch new projects quickly and effectively, collaborate with each other efficiently, and develop high-impact grantmaking programs.