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Striking up a Conversation between New Friends - Hazard Mitigation meets Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Innovative partnerships and solutions are needed to plan for and increase resiliency with a changing climate. There is more to be done using innovative approaches to implement smarter, more resilient green stormwater infrastructure with water quality, water management, and hazard mitigation benefits.

Few mitigation plans incorporate green infrastructure solutions, and there is an opportunity to do more in this space. State agencies, municipalities, and advocates want to find and showcase ways to integrate green stormwater infrastructure in hazard mitigation plans. JaLeesa Tate with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency will tell us more about this topic and suggest a few ideas for ways to use hazard mitigation plans to support stormwater management.

Climate change impacts are resulting in increased coastal and inland risks to humans and the built and natural environment with rising tides, storm surge and increased flooding both in terms of duration and frequency. Increasing temperatures will impact plant selection and survival. Rising water tables will impact practice feasibility. And, finally, current stormwater designs are using historic rainfall data for design storms, while they need to be designed, built, and retrofitted for both current and future storms. Shereen Hughes with Wetland Watch and Dave Hirschman with Hirschman Water & Environment LLC will share emerging ideas in stormwater practice and resiliency projects in the concept, proposal, and implementation stages.

The objective for this webinar is to start a conversation coming from a place where we all want to protect waterways, infrastructure, and people. We hope you will join in this conversation!


  • JaLeesa Tate, State Hazard Mitigation Officer, Maryland Emergency Management Agency

  • Shereen Hughes, Assistant Director, Wetlands Watch

  • David J. Hirschman, Principal, Hirschman Water & Environment LLC

  • Sadie Drescher, Director of Programs for Restoration, Chesapeake Bay Trust (moderator)

Register here by Tuesday, March 5, 2019.