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Stormwater Work Group

The Chesapeake Bay Funders Network’s Stormwater Work Group supports learning and strategic collaboration among funders interested in stormwater and green infrastructure issues in the Chesapeake Bay.


The Chesapeake Bay Funders Network’s interest in stormwater emerged from an earlier work group focused on land use in 2009.  In December 2012, the CBFN Stormwater Work Group hosted a workshop to hear from a diverse group of people involved in stormwater issues in the Chesapeake Bay to better understand priority funding needs.  Over the last several years, leadership in the CBFN Stormwater Work Group reached out to the dozen or so member funders to better understand member interests in the Stormwater Work Group.  As a result, the Stormwater Work Group has focused on working with member funders to learn more about the issues associated with stormwater in the Chesapeake Bay and to provide opportunities for collaboration on common topics of interest.  Geographically, the funders in the Stormwater Work Group are based primarily in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.



To support and encourage funder interest in stormwater and green infrastructure, the Stormwater Work Group convenes meetings three times a year to promote learning and networking.  The Work Group also facilitates collaborative action around particular issues of interest to members as they arise.  Current learning topics include:

    • Green jobs and green infrastructure, including operations and maintenance issues
    • Local government capacity, particularly around financing
    • MS4 permits
    • Communications/education & outreach
    • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
    • Residual Designation Authority
    • Legal enforcement
    • Research
    • Rural communities 

Please contact Diane Schrauth, consultant to the CBFN Stormwater Work Group, with any inquiries at dlschrauth@gmail.com.