Special Projects

The Chesapeake Bay Funders Network currently has five working groups that are driven by the strategic interest of the membership.  The work groups create learning opportunities for members, as well as spaces for pulled-funding.   

  • The Agriculture Initiative seeks to expand the limited number of programs designed to enable agricultural leaders and their communities to share, connect, and transfer the results of on-the-ground conservation projects by communicating lessons learned and creating working collaborations that extend beyond the life of specific projects.
For more information, please contact the work group chair - Jake Reilly, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

  • The Capacity Building Initiative is a three-year, comprehensive program of the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network that provides support to watershed organizations and Riverkeepers through grants, one-on-one training, networking, and tailored technical assistance to increase the operational effectiveness of these organizations.
For more information, please contact the work group chair - Kacey Wetzel, Chesapeake Bay Trust. 

  • Chesapeake Commons is a groundbreaking online data tool that centralizes the huge volumes of data about Chesapeake Bay pollution and restoration, and empowers the environmental community by making the data accessible, easy to manage, and locally relevant.  
For more information, please contact - Jamie Baxter, Chesapeake Bay Funders Network. 

  • The Land Trust Work Group identifies and supports opportunities to greatly expand capacity to secure water quality improvements through conservation easements and other permanent land protection programs. 
    For more information, please contact the work group chairs - Megan Gallagher, The Hillsdale Fund, and Sam Stokes, MARPAT Foundation. 

  • The Stormwater Work Group supports learning and strategic collaboration among funders interested in stormwater and green infrastructure issues in the Chesapeake Bay.  
For more information, please contact the work group chair - Sadie Drescher, Chesapeake Bay Trust.